The Dark Knight Ryzen Build

Minimalistic Ryzen 3700x build with all the performance parts for the most affordable price.


Ryzen 7 3700X represent a massive leap forward for AMD, not just in terms of their underlying technology, but also the raw power they offer. While they still fall short of comparable Intel chips in most gaming benchmarks, the new Ryzen 7 outperform the Core i7 and Core i9 in many productivity tests and offer much better performance than their predecessors. Also saving about £60 in cost compared to the i7 9700K.

Memory (Ram) – ADATA 16GB Spectrix D60G DDR4 3200 RGB

CPU Cooler Be Quiet Dark Rock Slim CPU cooler

The Dark Rock slim Cooler does what it needs to do, offer decent cooling performance, be silent, look good keeping. Keeping our Out of the box 3700X cool.

Storage SSD – ADATA Ultimate SU650 960GB Solid State Drive

Operating system SSD Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB M.2-2280 SSD

Graphics Card – Nvidia RTX Asus Strix OC 2070

Case – NZXT H500 Midi Tower Gaming Case + 2x NZXT Front mounter 120mm Fans

Power Supply – Be Quiet! 750W Modular Power Supply

Motherboard – Asus PRIME X570-P

Operating system – Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit


IMG 20190820 230908 800x600 - The Dark Knight Ryzen Build

IMG 20190826 123348 800x600 - The Dark Knight Ryzen BuildIMG 20190826 123638  01 800x657 - The Dark Knight Ryzen BuildIMG 20190826 123651  01 800x756 - The Dark Knight Ryzen Build