Bespoke Gaming PC build 1001

EQ78 byW4AEE xT 1423x1600 - Bespoke Gaming PC build 1001
EQ78 VqXsAAuhw  1083x1600 - Bespoke Gaming PC build 1001

A customer reached out to us and asked us to help him spec a PC He gave us a list of requirements and a Budget.

Requirements :

Must-haves: – 1440p gaming – 16GB RAM – 500 GB SSD  

Nice to haves: – 4k gaming – USB 3.1 gen 2 – RTX graphics card – 32GB RAM – PCI Express SSD over SATA

Top End Budget £1600

Our Recommended Customer Spec:

Total Cost £1,735.31 A little over budget but in doing so this allowed us to hit all the must-haves and nice to have requirements set by the customer. Making sure we can future proof his build.

This Build allows for further storage expansion with an extra M.2 slot for PCI-E 3 or 4, another 2 SSD drive bays and the ability to upgrade to any future GPUS that come out with its extra power headroom.

One thought on “Bespoke Gaming PC build 1001

  1. Vivek says:

    Loving the build Jack, it’s a beaut…and I can’t believe how little noise it makes?! Can’t stop smiling each time I power it up ;0)

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